Modern. Aesthetic. Safety.

High Standards and Aesthetic Architecture

For Safe Future

Uzun Group İnşaat aims to offer advanced quality in your living spaces with safe, aesthetic and economical solutions.


The construction of the project drawings, the issuance of the construction permit, the construction and delivery of all rough and delicate works of the building are carried out by our company..


In order to allow the history to survive, it is inevitable to repair and protect the works that bear witness hereto. Uzun Group İnşaat Company repairs the architectural constructions without deteriorating the original.


>Uzun Group İnşaat Company decorates the living spaces in the most efficient, aesthetic and artistic way in accordance with their usage purposes.


We budget your business at reasonable costs with our expert team and experienced builders. We deliver on time and completely.

Our Principles

As Long Group Construction, our principle is to mix our knowledge with our strong technical competence that we have business experience of in order to inspire creative solutions, to create long-term relationships and added value.

  • 3D Architectural Drawings
  • Reinforced Concrete Construction
  • Steel construction
  • Membrane and Sliding Water Insulation
  • Wood, Steel Roof Construction, Renovation
  • Brick, Gas concrete, Stone, Gypsum Wall
  • Plaster - Paint
  • Sheathing
  • Screed,Ceramic and Tiles
  • Plasterboard and drywall
  • Floor - Wall - Ceiling
  • Ceramic, Tiles, Marble, Wood, Laminate Flooring
  • Mechanical installation
  • Breakage and Roofing Works

Modern Living Areas We Build