We Build Trust.

Our priority is investing in people.

Uzun Group İnşaat Company.

Beyond our performance lies a customer-focused and trust-based management approach. As one of the respected and reliable institutions in the sector, our goal of being permanent is our unchanging aim. Confident steps ahead, with full of trust.

Vision & Mission

Trust Architect...

Uzun Group İnşaat Company has been striving for better quality continuously since 1989 by protecting traditional values ​​and production ethics. In construction, the area of expertise of ours, we have made the housing industry a base to ourselves and have aimed at quality results in this area and have made a difference.

Human-focused work in our projects is essential to us. Our company carries on our activities by paying attention to urbanization, transportation and social reinforcement areas which are decent and aware of the importance of the human life in accordance with these criteria.

For beautiful and happy future with all of our employees and your esteemed customers...

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